Textile’s Trajectory: Foundation and Leadership since 2006

Based in Mataró, province of Barcelona, Textil was founded in 2006 by Enri Pujol and Luis Torrent. Since then, we have distinguished ourselves as a leader in the manufacture of women’s and children’s swimwear, driven by an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

Specialization and Excellence: Our Team of Professionals in Action

At Textil ElTex, we are an expert and dynamic company, with a highly professional team specially trained in the development of swimwear. We stand out in creating collections for different styles, including women, youth, plus-size and children.

A Look at Our First Class Process and Services

From avant-garde design to rigorous quality control in production, at Textil Eltex we follow a meticulous process to ensure excellence in each garment we create. We offer extensive flexibility and adaptability in manufacturing, with quantities ranging from 180/200 pieces per model and color, to large production volumes, always supported by optimized delivery times and materials of the highest quality.